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Armed Forces

The Armed Forces Committee connects military affiliated partners and the business community through various community and volunteer activities. The AFC keeps the Chamber membership informed about military actions and activities in the area.

Mission: Fostering a meaningful relationship between the business and military community. 

Vision: Business and military collaboration benefiting both parties.

Business Advancement

The Business Advancement Committee provides strategic input and oversight to the areas of Chamber relations and development, marketing, communications, and membership.  

Mission: To be an advocate and resource for business advancement and growth. 

Vision: To make Saipan a preferred place to invest.

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Education & Workforce

The Education and Workforce Development Committee explores and promotes educational opportunities to support our island’s workforce development.

Mission: Building a resilient, robust workforce capacity that contributes to the economic growth of the Commonwealth. 

Vision: Meaningful collaboration between private, public, and non-profit organizations to cultivate workforce development and education.


Events Committee

The Events Committee plans and coordinates all major social, networking, and fundraising events for the Saipan Chamber of Commerce. 

Mission: Our mission is to create events that will involve all types of businesses and highlight its purpose for each event. 

Vision: To inspire participation with everyone in our community.

Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee (GRel) provides input on behalf of the Chamber membership in response to local and federal legislations directly affecting the business community of Saipan. The GRel committee also fosters positive relationships with our public-sector partners. 

Mission: Building lasting relationship between the business community and the government as the voice of the business community. 

Vision: The the government recognizes the Chamber as an important resource in decision making.  

Chamber Membership

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining business membership, promoting membership benefits, and increasing membership value to members. 

Mission: To support and advance business members through Chamber involvement. 

Vision: All businesses on Saipan succeed because they are members of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce.

Sustainable Economic Development

The Sustainable Development Committee supports the growth and development of both small and big businesses in the community. 

Mission: Economy that fosters expansion, growth, and sustainable economic activities. 

Vision: An environment that fosters compatible economic activities.

Saipan Young Professionals

The Saipan Young Professionals Committee is the voice of the young professionals representing various businesses in the community through Chamber and community involvement. 

Mission: To effectively promote, support, and develop our young professionals. 

Vision: Young Professionals succeeding.