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Copy of Scholarship Announcement (1)

Scholarship Applications

Please select the appropriate education level.

For 2020 High School Graduates:

(For 2020 HS Graduates planning or currently attending NMC)

2020 High School Scholarship Packet (WORD)

2020 High School Scholarship Packet (PDF)

For On-Going College Students (NMC) 

2020 College Scholarship Packet (WORD)

2020 College Scholarship Packet (PDF)

For Vocational Education Students (NMTI)

(For all 2020 Graduates and New / On-Going NMTI Students)

2020 Voc. Education Scholarship Packet (WORD)

2020 Voc. Education Scholarship Application Packet (PDF)

Good Luck Students!

Dear Student:

One of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce’s core missions is to promote the general health and welfare of our islands. We realize that the future success of the CNMI rests on today’s youth.  You will eventually be leaders in our government, economic development, community, and future.  The success of each depends to a certain degree on the diligent pursuit of postsecondary education by many of you.

We recognize that the cost of postsecondary education is substantial. It is for this reason that the Saipan Chamber of Commerce continues the tradition of our Educational Scholarship Fund. A minimum of $1,000 each in scholarships will be awarded to deserving students who have met the criteria presented, and preferential considerations for the betterment of our workforce and economic needs.

In order to be considered for this scholarship, you must meet the corresponding criteria and complete the attached application.

We encourage you to review the attached materials and complete all necessary steps to apply for a scholarship. The deadline for submitting your application materials to the Saipan Chamber is Wednesday, September 30, 2020. All submissions are to be made online via this website.