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Member Benefits

Many people ask why they should join.  The answer is not the same for everyone.  But here is some information about why others have joined...

  • The Saipan Chamber of Commerce provides collective representation and a respected "Voice for Business" with the CNMI Government via the Chamber's Government Relations Programs.
  • The Saipan Chamber of Commerce provides an information network to Chamber members via email, newsletter, etc., and is a member of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Saipan Chamber of Commerce provides significantly reduced "Chamber Member" pricing at seminars, events, membership meetings, and workshops.
  • The Saipan Chamber of Commerce provides prominent listing in the Chamber's Directory on our Internet Website free of charge.
  • The Chamber assists with military visits through the Armed Forces Committee and coordinates military discount packages by Chamber member companies as well as assists with logistics for military arrivals.
  • Members can benefit from participating in standing committees.
  • Chamber members may also nominate the Business Person of the Year in the annual award process.
Start-up Membership

Basic Benefits

·       One representative / one vote

·       Access to Chamber events and trainings at a reduced price

·       Access to benefits of other members through Chamber Discount Program

·       Listed on website

·       Member of exclusive Closed Chamber FB Group

·       Certification of Chamber Membership

·       Can post to job posting section of website

·       Participate in Chamber Committees, initiating change on issues tha impact your business

·       Eligible to be nominated for “Business Person of the Year”

·       Contribute to our “Voice for the Business Sector” to our local and federal government partners

·       Network with other businesses through events and trainings

·       Receive updates through our information network about issues that may affect your business

·       Attend seven (7) mixers/GMMs in a year, receive entrance to your next one FREE.

·         Saipan Chamber of Commerce sticker

**Must bring proof of new business through CNMI stamped Articles of Incorporation. Free membership only eligible one year after stamped date. Business must also hold a valid business license. **

Basic Membership
Bronze Membership
Silver Membership
Gold Membership
Platinum Membership
President's Circle