General Membership Meeting - April 2nd, 2014 
Saipan World Resort - Royal Taga Hall 
Guest Speakers: 
1. James Deleon Guerrero - DPS Commissioner  
2. Wayne Gillespie - Salvation Army 
3. Vince Seman - Citizens for Change 
(In Photo): USS Spruance - DDG-111; CDR Daniel Cobian & Judge David A. Wiseman exchanging plaques at the Hard Rock Cafe 
on March 27th, 2014. 
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General Membership Meeting - March 5th, 2014 
Pacific Islands Club - Charley's 
Guest Speakers: 
1. Dr. Sharon Hart - Northern Marianas College 
2. Kaitlin Mattos - Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality 
(In Photo): Japan Chamber of Commerce & Saipan Chamber of Commerce meet for the first time & exchange gifts. 
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General Membership Meeting - February 5th, 2014
Kanoa Resort - Seaside Hall 

Guest Speakers: 
1. Jim Arenovski - Island Training Solutions 
2. Katelin Mocano - Department of Commerce 
    Perry Inos Jr. - Small Business Development Center 
3. John O. Gonzales - NMTI 

(In Photo): Marcie Tomokane (Bank of Guam), & Marcia Ayuyu (RJ Corporation) 
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