Membership Benefits

2015 Saipan Chamber of Commerce Membership Application Form and dues table

Member Discounts

Members of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce enjoy great discounts from their fellow Chamber members.

Advocacy for Business

The role of government, among other things, is to ensure that an environment of stability is created to allow business enterprises to grow and succeed. The central benefit of chamber membership is the voice that your membership dues buy, a voice that is dedicated to overcoming any impediments to the conduct of commerce in the Commonwealth and ensuring that a framework of commercial stability is maintained. Without a Chamber of Commerce as the vigilant voice representing business, government can tend to overstep its reach of commercial enforcement and regulation.

All of the work that the Saipan Chamber of Commerce does in effect supports our central goal. Our workshops and seminars provide information to businesses to help them improve the operations of their enterprises in a variety of areas from accounting to government relations. In addition to our central goal, the Chamber works on many activities to improve the community in which we live, by participating in environmental, educational and other community programs.

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce has worked aggressively this past year to pull together a comprehensive and attractive benefits package for our valued members. Many of our member companies have responded very well and our Chamber members can expect to see additional business benefits throughout the year.

Other Benefits

Membership Qualification:

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce will conduct its business without regard to race, color, nationality, religion, age, or sex.

Types of membership:

REGULAR (BUSINESS) MEMBERSHIP: Any person, proprietor, business, firm, corporation, partnership, joint stock company, association, trust or estate possessing lawful authority to do business in Saipan.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Associate Membership is for persons who are not actively engaged in commerce as management personnel or principles of a company, but who have an interest in the well being of the community and the Chamber's purposes. An Associate Member may vote and may hold office at the Board Level.

NON-PROFIT MEMBERSHIP: Organizations that are chartered by the CNMI Government as non-profit organizations. Organizational members are entitled to one vote and may hold office.

GOVERNMENT MEMBERSHIP: Government Departments/Divisions may join the Chamber and may designate representatives to Chamber committees but are non-voting members and are not eligible to hold office at the board level.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Distinction in public office or affairs may confer eligibility for honorary membership. Honorary members shall have all the privileges of members, except the right to vote, or hold office, and shall be exempt from payment of dues. The Board of Directors shall confer or revoke honorary membership by two-thirds (2/3) vote.

2015 Saipan Chamber of Commerce Membership Application Form and dues table