2018 Meetings and Newsletters

October 03, 2018 - General Membership Meeting 

Hibiscus Hall, Fiesta Resort & Spa


Guest Speakers:

Esther Muna (Commonwealth HealthCare Coorporation, Chief Executive Officer)

David Gervino (Fema, External Affairs Officer)

Marine Corp. Reserves


October General Membership Meeting Newsletter


September 05, 2018 - General Membership Meeting

Seaside Hall, Kanoa Resort


Guest Speakers:

Alex A. Sablan (Northern Marianas Business Alliance Corp, Representative)

Arrielle Buyum (Latte Training Academy, Executive Director)


September General Membership Metting Newsletter



From L-R: Kanae Quinn, Wendi Herring
and Vicky Benavente


August 01, 2018- General Membership Meeting   

Charley's Cabaret, Pacific Islands Club


Guest Speakers 

1. Vicky Benavente (Secretary of Labor, CNMI Department of Labor) 

2. Wendi Herring & Kanae Quinn (Directors, Make A Wish Foundation Board)


August General Membership Meeting Newsletter       





From L-R: Janel Pangelinan, Polly Masga,
Velma Palacios, and Nicole Babauta. 

June 06, 2018- General Membership Meeting                    

Royal Taga A, World Resort Saipan

Guest Speakers 

1. Polly Masga (Marianas Medical Center) 

2. Janel Pangelinan (Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc./ Saipan Young Professionals) 

3. Nicole Babauta (CNMI Small Business Development Center Director/ Saipan Young Professionals)

June General Membership Meeting Newsletter







May 02, 2018- General Membership Meeting                    

Hibiscus Hall, Fiesta Resort 

Guest Speakers:

1. The Honorable Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, U.S. Congressman

2. Diego Songsong, Community Planner/Title VI Coordinator of the 
Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority

May General Membership Meeting Newsletter              


April 04, 2018- General Membership Meeting                    

Seaside Hall, Kanoa Resort 

Guest Speakers:

1. Rose Pangelinan - Administrator of the CNMI Scholarship Office

CNMI Scholarship Office Presentation

2. Yvonne Pangelinan - Associate Comissioner of CNMI Public School System

   Brandon Nicolas - Cooperative Education Program Coordinator of CNMI PSS

CNMI PSS Cooperative Education Presentation

3. Marie Lizama from Delta Airlines

April General Membership Meeting Newsletter              



March 07, 2018- General Membership Meeting                    

Charley's Cabaret, Pacific Islands Club

Guest Speakers:

1. Raymond Muna - Director of Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance Board

Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance Board Presentation

2. Agnes McPhetres - CEO of Northern Marianas Trades Institute

Northern Marianas Trades Institute Presentation

March General Membership Meeting Newsletter 

February 07, 2018- General Membership Meeting                    

Sandcastle, Hyatt Regency Saipan

Guest Speakers:

1. Clyde Norita - Comissioner of the Department of Fire and
Emergency Medical Services

Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Presentation

DFEMS presentation reference: Public Law 19-69

2. Dr. Carmen Fernandez - Northern Marianas College President                          

Northern Marianas College Presentation

February General Membership Meeting Newsletter