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 Saipan Young Professionals 3rd Quarter Mixer "Networking with a Spin" 
Hosted By: 360 Revolving Restaurant
Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 360 Revolving Restaurant

located on the 8th floor of the Marianas Business Plaza 

 Saipan Young Professionals 2nd Quarter Mixer "Nightlife in Motion" 
Hosted By: IT&E CNMI 
Saturday, June 17, 2017 at Tribes Bar, Garapan


The Saipan Young Professionals celebrated their 2nd Quarter Mixer at Tribes Bar on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The event was generously hosted by IT&E CNMI. The night started off with opening remarks from Co-Chairs Zachariah Johnson (CNMI PSS) and Beau Tomokane (Delta Air Lines). The coordinating of the event was spearheaded by ITE's Veronica Acosta and her Marketing Team: Margie Camu, Laarni Zapanta, and Natasha Tomokane. IT&E's Marketing Guru, Hans Mickelson had a brief presentation about IT&E's services and plans for the future. He also encouraged the young professionals to "continue what they are doing within the committee" and to "do what you love, the money will come later". 

The IT&E Marketing team set up a series of games for the young professionals and guests including fun family-style games "Pictionary", "Family Feud", and "Minute-to-Win-It" relay race. The games followed the theme of "team-building" which Veronica Acosta said "will help members get to know each other on a more casual level so that they are more open to share ideas and input during meetings". 

The Saipan Young Professionals would like to thank IT&E for an amazing 2nd Quarter Mixer.

Thank you also to the following sponsors for your role in the success of our event: Marianas Pacific Distributors, Inc., Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc., Swirls Saipan, The Shack Saipan, Marianas Business Plaza, Tahine's Creations, Zachariah & Kristal Johnson 

Saipan Young Professionals 1st Quarter Mixer "Shamrock & Roll

Hosted by: Franken Brau, Inc. 

Friday, March 17, 2017 at Franken Brau Bar

The Saipan Young Professionals celebrated “Shamrock & Roll”, a St. Patrick’s Day themed mixer at Franken Brau, Inc. in the village of San Antonio on Friday, March 17, 2017. “We are promoting SYP to our audience of young professionals and entrepreneurs within this community. We hope that our event will provide a comfortable setting where the SYP team can speak with interested individuals personally regarding our involvement, aspirations and foster meaningful connections. We especially would like to thank our host, Bruno Doestch of Franken Brau for allowing us this opportunity to have our mixer here. We enjoy our strong relationship with the Saipan Chamber of Commerce and our accessibility to its membership.” said Beau Tomokane, Delta Air Lines Operations Service Manager and SYP co-chair. 

The Saipan Young Professionals would like to thank Franken Brau for an outstanding 1st Quarter Mixer.

Thank you also to the following sponsors for your role in the success of our event: The Shack Saipan, IT&E CNMI, Marianas Business Plaza, Hard Rock Cafe, BankPacific, McDonalds of Saipan, Shirley's Coffee Shop, & Tammy James.

 Saipan Young Professionals 3rd Quarter Mixer "Networking: Sink your Teeth in" 
Hosted By:Paradise Dental Center
Thursday, September 29, 2017 at Paradise Dental Center, Gualo Rai

























The Saipan Young Professionals celebrated “Networking: Sink Your Teeth in”, a dental-themed mixer at Paradise Dental Center located in Gualo Rai on September 29, 2016 . The Paradise Dental Center team provided a beautiful table spread of food and bottomless drinks for all guests. Dr. Krum opened the event by talking about the different services that Paradise Dental Center has to offer. Mrs. Donna Krum announced the opening of the "Thrive Medi-Spa" early next year. The night also included some amazing giveaways, fun trivia game, and free photos from photographer, Mark James "Mike Ronesia". 

The Saipan Young Professionals would like to thank Paradise Dental Center for a fun and exciting 2016 3rd Quarter Mixer and a thank you to all raffle sponsors as well! 

 Saipan Young Professionals 2nd Quarter Mixer "Networking with a Twist" 
Hosted By:Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc. 
Friday, June 20, 2016 at Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc. office on the 2nd Floor of JCA Building

Team Pacifica - Rest Assured-
Shirley Sablan (Vice President and
Executive Manager of Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc. )
Team IT&E and SYP Members pose for a photo

The Saipan Young Professionals "Networking with a Twist- Plus One Mixer” was hosted by Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc. on Friday, June 20, 2016. The night started off with a brief and informative presentation from Pacifica employees. Pacifica provided free drinks and appetizers for all guests. Guests were encouraged to bring (1) friend to join the event as an opportunity to network and potentially become a member of the Saipan Young Professionals Committee. A fun aspect of the night was biting into a cupcake prefilled with either white or blue filling which determined which shirt color each guest would received. The shirt featured key points as pillars of a latte house that represented the core values of Pacifica Insurance. The event was thoroughly thought out and enjoyable for all present. 

The Saipan Young Professionals would like to thank Pacifica Insurance Underwriters for a fun and exciting 2016 2nd Quarter Mixer. Thank you to the following raffle sponsors as well: D&Q Saipan, McDonalds of Saipan 

If your company is interested in hosting an SYP Mixer, please call (670) 234-7150 or email